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From "BAZLEY, Sebastian" <>
Subject Successful test of TomCat 3.1 on Alpha/VMS 7.2
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:57:22 GMT
This is just to report that we have recently downloaded TomCat 3.1, and it
seems to work OK as a stand-alone server on Alpha/VMS 7.2-1.

This is using Java version 1.1.8-5, from the Compaq Website.

We had to make only two minor changes:

1) Create a startup command file (!)
2) Patch the JspCompiler source file to shorten the generated file name

VMS normally supports a maximum file name length of 39 characters before the
extension; this is easily exceeded when names such as "jsp/dates/date.jsp"
are encoded; so as a temporary measure the prefix was completely removed.
Obviously this is not an ideal solution, but it was enough to show that the
rest of the system works. [We are not yet sure how to solve this problem,
because VMS also has a limit of 8 levels of directory nesting. I believe
this is removed in the latest filing systems; the name length restriction
may also be removed.]

We haven't yet tested TomCat with Apache, FastTrack, or the OSU webservers.

Hope this information is of use.

Sebastian Bazley <>
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