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From "Jean-Yves MENGANT" <>
Subject question about Cookie standard(RFC2109)
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:46:51 GMT
Hi ,

The RFC2109 defines cookies's syntax and semantics...But it seemed that
there is an unclear topic (almost for me) around the expires date format
field . The date format is clearly defined but question is should it be
locale-sensitive ?

The problem is important since client java programs may want to manage
cookies, and remain compatible with most SERVLET implementors, they should
be aware of locale-sensitivity on expires field format.

Working on some different implementations of SERVLET shows that some did the
locale date conversion(JRUN) and some do not, keeping the expire date in
locale.US (APACHE/JSERV , I did not check with tomcat for the moment but I
suppose it shares the same model).

So the only question I got here is : Is there a clear rule on COOKIE expires
locale-sensitivity that I missed ??

Thanks for any answer

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