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From "Diego Doval" <>
Subject RE: additional logging features -- proposal
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 16:58:21 GMT
Hi Alex,

> Ideally, the only output to stderr and stdout happens during startup,
> before the context is initialized. Thus capturing these to a log file
> is kind of beside the point; you need to watch tomcat.log. I'm about
> to submit a patch that cleans up several System.err messages (sending
> them to tomcat.log instead, like they should be); with any luck I can
> track down and replace the rest of them soon.
As for logging some stuff to stderr,
It's probably a matter of personal taste, I agree with you but for some it
makes more sense to print exceptions in one place and standard logging in

> I agree that it's silly that tomcat erases this log file on
> startup. It would be much better if it was smart about the date. I'm
> looking forward to reading your code and seeing if it applies to all
> log files, not just your new stderr/stdout one.

Yes, that is the second feature I added, by adding a tag useDate="true" to
Logger definition on server.xml you create a new log each time tomcat
starts. Those
changes were made mostly to, which I attached to my last email.


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