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From "Hammon, Randy" <>
Subject RE: jsp:include: the bug and the fix
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 20:45:24 GMT
>I do have few questions:
>In your test, you have  2 files: Outer.jsp and Inner.jsp.
>In Outer.jsp you include "/test/Inner.jsp".
>Now, if you use the root context ( i.e. you don't have a "/test"
>context ) - everything is fine.
>If you do have a /test context and the 2 files are part of the
>/test context, then include should not use the /test prefix for
>the include - all absolute paths are relative to the context.

thanks for your response! Vance and I here at Evolve were trying to
work out what the correct behavior should be and whether WE were
doing something wrong(hoping that was the case). 

There seems to be a contradiction in your explanation, since according 
to the code and our debug output, the context for /test/Outer.jsp 
is "", but the context for /test/Inner.jsp is "/test". Why aren't they
in the same context? Tomcat finds /test/Outer.jsp when the servlet (which is
in the test package) attempts to run it


Also, this code works in Jrun2.3.3 and Jrun3.0. 

So for the servlet and Outer.jsp the context appears to be "", but 
it suddenly changes for Inner.jsp.
Seems like a misunderstanding in the ContextManager. Waddaya think?
Is there something in the spec that would clarify this?


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