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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Build/Debug Tomcat with KAWA.. User Guide anyone?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 22:02:26 GMT
on 6/14/2000 2:44 PM, at wrote:

> Nifty.  That almost worked with no additional input.  I
> wound up doing the following addtional step:
> Set Project->Compiler Options->Compilation Output Directory to the
> build/classes directory where you have already made a successful build of
> tomcat using Ant, so that you get the properties files and other
> configuration/descriptors necessary for tomcat to run.

Ah yea...I had done that manually and forgot to tell you that step. :-)

> One could try to parse the build.xml to figure out how to map the
> appropriate copy commands into the project, I suppose.

right. but now that you have it working, what is your motivation to waste
more time to do that? <smile> :-) i bet zero.

p.s. welcome to kawa. i find that it kicks butt. i'm not entirely happy with
codewright and the inconsistent integration with kawa, but it is better than
what they had on so many other aspects, i'm willing to put up with it.
overall kawa kicks ass though. fast, lightweight, simple.


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