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From "Ken X Horn" <>
Subject Re: [integration in jBoss] class loader question
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:49:55 GMT
When constructing the ACL without passing the parent class loader, it has to set
the parent to null. I tried to set it to this.getClass().getClassLoader()  - cos
it seemed to make sense - but ran into constructor init sequence problems (since
the Object constructor hasn't run yet I think). I suppose later in the
constructor, it could have been set but only just thought of that ... ;o)  (can
do this since we're not using the JDK1.2 classloader, parent

Best solution though is to pass the parent constructor on instantiation IMO.

Ken. on 15/06/2000 00:22:40

Please respond to

cc:   (bcc: Ken X Horn)
Subject:  Re: [integration in jBoss] class loader question


I think parent should be set - if it isn't we need to fix that.


Sylvain Laurent wrote:

> Hi !
> I'm currently working on integrating Tomcat in JBoss 2. Tomcat will be a JMX
> MBean...
> I fought a couple of hours with class loaders, but I finally managed to make
> it work.
> I just have one question : Why is the ACL's parent class loader always null
> ? Why not set it as the current context class loader ?
> Tomcat needs its own classes to be present in the system class loader
> (CLASSPATH env variable, or -classpath vm argument), but it's not very clean
> when implementing Tomcat as a MBean. I know it's working for now, but that's
> just a design question.
> Sylvain
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