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From "Steve Appling" <>
Subject Re: Jasper Name Mangling Question - repost
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 18:35:46 GMT

>Steve Appling wrote:
>> Jasper's JSP name mangling is causing me some problems, but I don't know if
>> is operating in this fashion by design or because of a bug.  I'm using the
>> release.
>> When compiling a JSP, jasper creates a directory structure under my
>> that mimics the path to my jsp (as expected).  It then creates the java
>> file (and resulting class) in the root of the scratchdir in a mangled form
>> (including substituting the "/" in the path with "_0002f").  Between mangling
>> the "/" and "_" characters, the resulting file names are often too long to
>> create
>> under Win98 (>256 chars).
>I have seen this particular problem mentioned before. What we need
>(maybe) is a simple fix -- one that (for example) ignores '/' and
>'-' characters. This will not gurantee a unique class name, but
>probability of having name collisions will still be very low, also
>making the file name relatively smaller.

Why can't the generated class be located in the directory under the scratchdir
that is a peer to the directory under the web root that contains the jsp file?
This directory structure under the scratchdir is already being generated but not
used.  Treat each sub-directory under the scratchdir as part of a package name
for the generated class.  Then the generated class can have the same name as the
jsp source file with no mangling required (except perhaps to append version
number information)?

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