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From "Steve Appling" <>
Subject Jasper Name Mangling Question - repost
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 19:35:55 GMT
Jasper's JSP name mangling is causing me some problems, but I don't know if it
is operating in this fashion by design or because of a bug.  I'm using the 3.1

When compiling a JSP, jasper creates a directory structure under my scratchdir
that mimics the path to my jsp (as expected).  It then creates the java source
file (and resulting class) in the root of the scratchdir in a mangled form
(including substituting the "/" in the path with "_0002f").  Between mangling
the "/" and "_" characters, the resulting file names are often too long to
under Win98 (>256 chars).

Why does jasper create a directory structure under the scratchdir and not use
it?  It would seem to be better to put an unmangled file name in the appropriate

It is also not clear to me why the generated classes have the appended version
numbers.  Is it necessary to keep multiple versions of the same jsp loaded
simultaneously for some reason?  If the generated java file name / class file
name / class name were the same, then the ClassFileData.findClassName call
wouldn't be so expensive - it wouldn't have to parse the class file data to
determine the class name.

This all seems overly complicated - I must be missing something.  I would
appreciate any clarifications.

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