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From "Ken X Horn" <>
Subject Re: WEB-INF/lib and .jar files in Tomcat 3.1
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 16:06:48 GMT
The reason the system classes are loaded first normally, is that the CLASSPATH
loaded files are "trusted" by the JVM. Those from a ClassLoader should not
normally be able to 'redefine' already loaded classes- this leads to
ClassCastExceptions - identical classes loaded from different loaders cannot
even be assigned to each other.

On a CORBA specific - the ORB.init(props, args) call changed in 2.1 (2.2?) so
that you can specify the class to use - I think it was for this very reason,
previously you had to load ORB classes before the JDK.. but that's a bit of a
hack (IMHO), you shouldn't have to worry about it. Make sure you're not using
the orb.init() call with no params - this is a singleton orb, which behaves
quite differently.

Which ORB are you using?

Ken on 01/06/2000 11:09:29

Please respond to

cc: (bcc: Ken X Horn)
Subject:  Re: WEB-INF/lib and .jar files in Tomcat 3.1

Jason Rumney wrote:

> Nacho <> writes:
> > I think that there are no restrictions to this, only that zip files are
> > no loaded from WEB-INF/lib, but a zip file is not jar :-).
> >
> >
> > > The reason I ask is that the CORBA libraries required by myapp do not
> > > appear to be loaded from myapp/WEB-INF/lib. I wonder whether they are
> > > too low-level for this method to work.
> > >
> >
> > i dont know, but until now everytime i have the feeling that tomcat
> > don't load a file from WEB-INF/lib was my fail no a Tomcat's fail.....
> Thanks for confirming that this should work, and I am not reading the
> servlet spec wrong.
> The files are jar files, and they are in WEB-INF/lib, not a
> subdirectory. Permissions are 664, so Tomcat should have no problems
> reading them. They are loaded if I place them in jakarta-tomcat/lib,
> but for reasons of organization I would prefer to keep them with the
> app rather than the server.
> The only thing I can think of is that these libraries contain
> org.omg.CORBA.* classes, so they may need to be loaded when the JVM
> starts up, to avoid clashes with the standard Java 1.2 classes. I don't
> know enough about the Java classloader to know whether this would be
> an issue, or if there is another problem.

That is going to be an issue.

As currently implemented, the class loader used by Tomcat looks on the system
classpath first, and then into the application-specific stuff (WEB-INF/classes
and WEB-INF/lib/*.jar).  Thus, the classes from the JDK are going to be found
where they have the same name, but the ones from your library will be found
when they are different -- a mix that probably isn't going to work.

IMHO the class loader logic should be reversed - load from the application
repositories first and then the system classpath.  I'm cross posting this to
the developer's list in order to discuss this further.

> --
> Jason Rumney <>
> AT&T Labs (Redditch, UK)

Craig McClanahan

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