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From "Ken X Horn" <>
Subject WebApps / ClassLoaders / AdaptiveClassLoader
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 13:52:54 GMT

Our application needs to load a bunch of classes at runtime (based on a config
in a db). I wanted to use an instance of AdaptiveClassLoader (ACL), but couldn't
because the classes to be loaded, need to reference the classes loaded by the
web app class loader, but the ACL does not support the parent method of
ClassLoader. I tried subclassing ACL but this makes the code messy, and overly
complicated. In the end I cloned it as a workaround. The code change is minimal
(extra constructor and a change to loadClass).

Is there a reason ACL doesn't support parent class loaders?

Anybody want the patch?

Also, the ACL throws an exception if one of the File's passed doesn't exist --
was thinking of making it just remove it from the repository, in order to
emulate the system CLASSPATH behaviour more. Opinions?


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