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From Nacho <>
Subject RE: Localization and DefaultServlet
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 20:38:12 GMT
Hola Arieh:

> web-resources (html files, images, etc).
> Perhaps the topic has been already discussed. If so, apologies.

Great i've take some little measures in this way but is good to see some
more people thinking in i18n and l10n issues.
> I would like to get input as far as the applicability of the proposal
> I am about to make.
> So here it is:
> . modify DefaultServlet to operate in a manner similar to 
>   ResourceBundle.getBundle (resource, Locale)
>   so that when a document path is looked up, the Locale is factored in
>   the calculation of the real path to the resource
>   example:
>   	request:
>   	requestLocale:		en_US
> 	defaultserverLocale:  	fr_FR
> 	DocumentRoot:		/dir/docRoot/
>    DefaultServlet would try to locate the resource.html file in an
>    appropriately localized subdirectory off DocumentRoot in 
> the following

What about supercede the locale that the browser has configured? 

think when i visit a webcafe in new-york and want to access my company's
pages i dont want to see it in the locale the browser has configured i
want to view my pages in my own language regardless of the locale
browser, or for case netdevice , has configured.

>    order:
>    	1. /dir/docRoot/en_US/resource.html
>    	2. /dir/docRoot/en/resource.html
>    	3. /dir/docRoot/fr_FR/resource.html
>    	4. /dir/docRoot/fr/resource.html
>    	5. /dir/docRoot/resource.html
> The advantage of the approach is that the hypertext links 
> (HREF in the 
> documents) request no localization. 

Like any other may do, i think 

> A disadvantage is that there is more work to do for every request.
> Also, that there is valid direct access to the localized resource.

i see no problem in have direct access to the whole site, think in the
above example, it gives a way to supercede the locale, i think

> Another disadvantage is that it forces to lay out the files 
> in a specific 
> manner.

> (I would add that it would have been possible to include the 
> 'locale' string
> as part of the basename of the file - i.e. 
> /dir/docRoot/resource_en_US.html,
> however, the manipulation of the concatenated strings makes it more
> complicated in my opinion).

no less than the average already made :-)

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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