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From <>
Subject Shutdown Bug and a hack fix
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 20:26:05 GMT

 Stopping Tomcat using stops all tomcat servers
 on my machine. Linux, Red Hat 6.2 intel. This bug exists
 in Tomcat 3.1, and also in the 2000.06.15 snapshot.

 The shutdown procedure ignores the "inet", "hostName" and
 "port" settings for the HTTP service, ans shuts down all
 tomcat servers on all IP addesses and ports that are
 running on my machine.

 In com.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat.stopTomcat() I replaced
 "localhost" with the hostname that I had specified for the
 HTTP service in server.xml using the "hostName" parameter,
 and now stopping this web server does not affect the other
 ones that are running.

 Done the proper way, the stopTomcat() method should get the
 host name from server.xml instead of assuming "localhost", but
 I'm too unfamiliar with the Tomcat code to implement that.

 So I am hoping that someone more familiar with the Tomcat
 codebase will go ahead and implement the fix.

 Best Regards,

 Pascal Forget
 Software Team Leader
 UForce inc.

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