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From James House <>
Subject RE: Distributed Session Server
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:12:48 GMT

>I've been thinking about the distributed session problem a bit.  I
>think it would be possible to have a compromise between sticky and
>distributed sessions, distinguished by graceful and abrupt termination
>of a JVM.
>Specifically, I think it would be possible to build a session
>manager that fails sessions over to alternate JVMs during a
>graceful shutdown of a container.  An abrupt shutdown of the
>container, on the other hand, would cause session loss of some
>subset of the sessions.

The condition of this last statement would be unacceptable to
most people (companies).  - What if one of the lost sessions
had a $big$ order (shopping cart) in it and you pissed the user
off by loosing it, so he doesn't come back?

The type of system I've been prototyping only writes the portion
of data that changed during the request into persistent storage
- thereby minimizing i/o per request.  I don't know of any other
strategy to use that still ensures that all session data is persistent.


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