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From James House <>
Subject Re: Distributed Session Server
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 22:52:17 GMT

> > <Lurker speaking>
> >
> > I'd strongly emphasize that the distributed session server scenario has
> > a BIG performance issue.
> >
> > We're currently hooking close to 1 megabyte of information to each
> > session... can you imagine moving that beast during every request?
>then obviously this solution isn't necessarily for you. but it still doesn't
>mean that it isn't needed.

I agree.  Actually, we'd be VERY interested in one, if it could move
200 to 1200 kilobytes of data in a matter of a few milliseconds... this
is one of the engineering feats I've been trying to accomplish for the
last few months... I've spent a lot of time thinking and prototyping
designs for just such a distributed session server.  Everything I've
come up with is too slow for my requirements, but would be perfectly
fine for the majority of users - who probably have something between
100 bytes and 10k bytes of data per session.


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