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From James House <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.1: Stable in productive version???
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 16:31:24 GMT
This may actually be of interest to all involved with

We're actually having good enough luck with Tomcat 3.1
that we have it running a live e-Commerce site, that is
handling many high-dollar purchases each day.  Sorry,
but I'm not at liberty to give exact numbers/details.

We decided after running it through the rigorous QA that
it was solid enough to put into production. (Tomcat
running through Apache on Solaris with JDK 1.2.2)
-- it was more solid than JRun by far.

We aren't handling anything like the load of an
"", but we can handle say 100-200
hits per minute - at least that's as many as we've tried.

We did patch the code in two places:
1- Fix "multiple file includes" bug.
2- Fix session ID generation to be more secure
Other than that, we're running the 3.1 release code.

Hope this info helps...

Congratulations Tomcat developers!

>Hi together,
>we are planning to go online with our dynamic website
>using tomcat, cocoon and servlets.
>Last week tomcat crashes quite often. Probably because
>of too many load.
>Is tomcat stable enough for a medium website to go online?
>Are there some hints to make it stable?
>Or would you recommend to downgrade to jserv?
>Thanks a lot,
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