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From Edward Wolpert <>
Subject Re: FreeBSD jdk 1.2.2 alpha and Tomcat
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:54:07 GMT
I've got FBSD at home, and been trying to test the 1.2.2 port myself.
Currently, the FreeBSD port of Java 1.2.2 is only alpha quality. It
like it's still slow going. (Mostly, problems seem to be on the GUI end,
but there needs to be more thread work done, IMO) Also, There is no 
Java 1.2 package for FreeBSD yet that can be distributed.... it can only 
be built from the patches.

Jim Driscoll wrote:
> Jim Wise wrote:
> > I currently maintain the Tomcat (and JServ, and Cocoon) package
> > distributions for the NetBSD operating system.  While we certainly hope
> > to benefit from BSDI's actions as a go-between for Sun and the BSD
> > community, people wishing to distribute JVM's for a number of other OS
> > environments are still stuck with 1.1.8.
> Hi.  I'm new here, so please forgive me if this has been covered before,
> but what OS's, specifically, do you mean with this?  I had thought that
> most either had 1.2, or were on the cusp (it's arguable that NetBSD
> could even be considered "on the cusp", as the port from FreeBSD to
> NetBSD shouldn't be a big deal).  Just interested in an actual list.


Edward Wolpert

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