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From "James A. Rome" <>
Subject Difficulties making the mod_jserv connector
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:11:27 GMT
Changes necessary to build mod_jserv under jakarta-tomcat 3.1:
0.  We had to find the correct dirtribution. The web page with the 
    correct source tree look identical to the one with just the program

1.  We had to add '-Wc,-xCC' to the apxs command line using the
    Sun Workshop C compiler to allow the C++-style comments throughout
    the source code.

2.  Header files seemed to have carriage returns (^M) which caused many
    warnings from the Workshop C compiler.

3.  The apxs command generated a ld command with two -o options,
    '-o' at the beginning and '-o' at the
    end.  The link editor took the first one.  We had to enter the
    command without the '-o' manually.

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