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From "James A. Rome" <>
Subject Request is secure is wrong...
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:32:44 GMT
I have now installed Apache and Tomcat 3.1 on my Sun (Solaris 2.6).
I use SSL and require user certificates. 

Snoop servlet gives the wrong answer for Request is secure
for the URL

Snoop Servlet

Servlet init parameters:

Context init parameters:

Context attributes:
   javax.servlet.context.tempdir =
   sun.servlet.workdir = /data/tomcat/work/localhost_8080%2Fexamples

Request attributes:

Servlet Name: SnoopServlet
Protocol: HTTP/1.0
Scheme: http
Server Name: hopi.CIIT.ORNL.GOV
Server Port: 443
Server Info: Tomcat Web Server/3.1 (JSP 1.1; Servlet 2.2; Java 1.3.0;
SunOS 5.6 sparc; java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Remote Addr:
Remote Host: 
Character Encoding: null
Content Length: -1
Content Type: null
Locale: en
Default Response Buffer: 8192

Parameter names in this request:

Headers in this request:
   accept-language: en
   connection: Keep-Alive
   accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg,
image/png, */*
   accept-charset: iso-8859-1,*,utf-8
   accept-encoding: gzip
   user-agent: Mozilla/4.73 [en] (X11; U; SunOS 5.6 sun4u)

Cookies in this request:

Request Is Secure: false
Auth Type: null
HTTP Method: GET
Remote User: null
Request URI: /examples/servlet/SnoopServlet
Context Path: /examples
Servlet Path: /servlet/SnoopServlet
Path Info: null
Path Trans: null
Query String: null

Requested Session Id: To1010mC3441948031878117At
Current Session Id: To1010mC3441948031878117At
Session Created Time: 962284803479
Session Last Accessed Time: 962284803479
Session Max Inactive Interval Seconds: 1800

Session values: 
Name:		James A Rome
Title:		Senior Scientist
Organization:	Y12 Advanced Technology Directorate
Department:     Center for Information Infrastructure Technology	
Internet Email:	
Work Phone:	(865) 574-1306

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