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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Distributed Session Server
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:34:36 GMT
This was a very interesting thread, and I understand that anyone would like a
better world.

Fact is, for what was described in this thread the only existing and possible
solution is a real database.

The session API provide 2 methods: getAttribute and setAttribute. It doesn't even
mention that those methods may fail ( no exception thrown ) !
You _shouldn't_ use getAttribute/setAttribute to store your transactions, or any
data that is important.

Session are great for storing tracking information, or caching a database
connection or anything that can be easily recoverable. But it's imposible to do
with 2 methods what the most complex database systems can hardly do.

Please remember that sessions have a big impact on server performance and usage
should be limited as much as possible if you want good speed.

What is wrong with using an (orthogonal) db application ( either OO database or a
real database or a in-memory ) ? You'll have transaction, you'll have a real API
for data storage, and you can choose the policy that's good for your application.

Sorry, I'm lost - please someone explain me how data that is so important that
requires a fault-tolerant system ends up in a get/setAttribute, no exception and
no transactions API ?


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