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From Gal Shachor <>
Subject Re: Netscape 4x and nsapi_redirect.dll
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 09:55:54 GMT

Rick Roberts wrote:
> I tried to configure Netscape 4.1 to use nsapi_redirect.dll.
> I got an error message and the server would not restart.
> I'm assuming that we don't support Netscape above v3.6??
> If my assumption is correct, is there anything in the works for NES 4x?


The dll that is available for download was built (and worked) with
Try to build nsapi_redirect.dll from the source with your Nes4.xx and it
work (I just do not have a 4.xx server). 

A few months back Costin run nsapi_redirect on Linux/Nes (Linux only
have 4.xx right?), 
so I guess that the it should also run on NT.

	Gal Shachor

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