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From Mark Brouwer <>
Subject Re: VOTE: JDK1.2 compiler
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 19:55:37 GMT
Hi, wrote:
> I went ahead and fixed everything to compile with 1.1 ( using conditional
> compilation and dynamic class loading ). I guess it's taking less time
> than arguing about it.
> The vote result seems to indicate that most people are using JDK1.2 and
> want to see the features, but there are still people who depend on 1.1 and
> develop on 1.1 ( like BSD ). Since the current architecture allows us to
> do that, we can try ( as much as possible ) to keep them happy, but I
> think we should be prepared for a change - at least on the compiler
> requirements.

This is what I came up after some more research and comments from people
about JDK level and release dates:

OS                    JDK 1.2            JDK 1.3
Windows NT            prod               prod
Solaris Sparc/x86     prod               beta (prod Q3)
Linux x86             prod               beta (prod Q3)
Linux sparc           beta (prod Q2)     beta (prod Q3)
AIX                   prod               beta (prod Q2)
AS400                 prod               beta (prod Q3)
OS390                 skipped            beta (prod Q2)
OS/2                  skipped            beta Q2 (prod Q3)
BSDi                  beta (prod ?)      unknown
FreeBSD               beta (prod ?)      unknown
HP-UX                 prod               beta (prod unknown)
IRIX                  prod               unknown
Mac OS*               beta Q3 (prod Q1 2001), level 1.2+

* for this you need a complete new OS
prod = production

Some nice results, because IMHO Juli 1 we can proceed to JDK 1.2 (sorry
for Apple). For the BSD people, they can use Tomcat 3.2 on JDK 1.1 in
production and if they are dare devils the can use the next Tomcat
release into production with a beta JDK. If your software passes your
test (you always test don't you) it will also work at your customers

So therefore I think with this info it should be time for the Project
Management Committee to have a meeting :-)

B.T.W. I hate it when IBM releases their production JDK 1.3 on OS390
before Sun on Solaris. Also seen the VolanoMark for the AS400 . When Java arrived I made
jokes about those AS400 system administrators (they said they could also
do Java 'soon'), but if they find out about this I have to make my
apologizes and I hate that.
Mark Brouwer

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