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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: Wrongful JDK 1.2 requirements
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 18:32:13 GMT
> Supporting JDK1.1 at runtime proved to be resonably easy and clean - my
> vote is to keep 1.1 runtime support as long as it doesn't affect us too
> much. We just need to test periodically and make sure the 1.2 features
> stay inside interceptors and the "core" interceptors are compatible with
> 1.1.

Tomcat should support JDK 1.1 as long as it implements a servlet spec
that supports JDK 1.1.  Whether it's OK to build only with JDK 1.2 but
run on JDK 1.1 should be voted upon (and should have been voted upon
three weeks ago when this change was made).

I have concerns because I prefer to develop on 1.1 because that's the
easiest way to ensure we (and more importantly, other projects I work on
that require JDK 1.1) don't introduce 1.2isms.  I run IRIX where you
basically have to choose the JDK version for your entire machine.  I'm
not eager to move to 1.2 because of other projects relying on 1.1. 
Perhaps I will do it anyway but that just increases the likelihood that
I'll be writing 1.2isms into the code.  If we really support 1.1 we
should have at least some developers using 1.1 in between milestones,
don't you think?

The solution that seems best is simply to have ant smart enough to build
certain targets only if the JDK is 1.2 or later.  If there are religious
arguments against making that standard, then just have a custom
non-standard javac12 task that does a Javac if jdk1.2+ or does a no-op


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