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From Brent Peckover <>
Subject HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM with Apache 1.3.12 & Tomcat 3.1
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2000 20:35:04 GMT
I'm Running Redhat 6.2 with
apache-mod_ssl-fp2000- which is Apache 1.3.12
compiled using shared module support with mod_ssl 2.6.2 and
openssl_0.9.5 and frontpage 2000.

I've downloaded and installed Tomcat 3.1 (Release Build) which works
great.  If I point my web browser at the servlet responds

However when I integrate the (I downloaded the binary) as
indicated in tomcat_ug.html, Tomcat reports the following problem when I
point my web browser at

HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM: Stream closed prematurely Stream closed prematurely
Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
Compiled Code)
        at, Compiled Code)

The browser responds by notifying that the document contained no data.

I've debugged the Java code and the connection is terminated (i.e. the
browser responds) before the socket is accepted.  I'm guessing that
either I have a configuration issue or there is a problem with mod_jserv

Does anyone know what or where the problem might be?  or more
importantly, what the solution is?  If the suggestion is to re-compile,
does anyone have detailed instructions for compiling Apache in shared
Object mode?


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