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Subject ANNOUNCEMENT: Tomcat bundled with webmail engine.
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 20:20:48 GMT

Aliaron's product company - Andere ( ) - has
made Andere/iS freely available for download.  Andere/iS is
a servlet-based webmail engine bundled with Apache Tomcat.

Andere/iS is feature-competitive with portal webmail
solutions such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. but allows you
to deploy a private, branded webmail server, complementing
your existing mail infrastructure. Additionally, we hope
that you'll find that the user experience is unsurpassed.

You can download the free beta trial version for a number of
different platforms from: -
just one of the many benefits of leveraging Tomcat is a
great out-of-box experience - you should be up and running
within 5 minutes of completing the download.

We hope you enjoy Andere/iS and we'd love both your feedback
and all requests for addtional packaging variants.

Thanks! We hope that you'll find Andere/iS to be a killer
app demonstrating the power of Tomcat.

Have fun, Pete

ps: In addition to installing it yourself, you can see
Andere/iS in action at

Pete Bonham, Chairman & CEO
aliaron, inc.
The Marketplace Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA
Voice: 1.734.769.1177
Fax:   1.734.769.0876

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