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Subject RE: Build/Debug Tomcat with KAWA.. User Guide anyone?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 22:13:53 GMT

Jon writes: 
> I wrote:
> > One could try to parse the build.xml to figure out how to map the
> > appropriate copy commands into the project, I suppose.
> right. but now that you have it working, what is your 
> motivation to waste
> more time to do that? <smile> :-) i bet zero.

My time so far has not been wasted, thanks to your help, but
less than 1.0, for sure.  If I did it, I'd probably try to do it for

I'm actually more interested right now in figuring out how to properly
debug a servlet with KAWA which has way too many println()'s and
in it... :-/  Tips?  Should one simply import the servlet code into
the project and compile it into the webapps directory appropriately?

> p.s. welcome to kawa. i find that it kicks butt. i'm not 
> entirely happy with
> codewright and the inconsistent integration with kawa, but it 
> is better than
> what they had on so many other aspects, i'm willing to put up with it.
> overall kawa kicks ass though. fast, lightweight, simple.

Yes, I like it so far.  It's a good place for a beginner, from what I can
tell.  And relatively cheap, too..  at least compared to the heavyweights.


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