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Subject RE: Build/Debug Tomcat with KAWA.. User Guide anyone?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 21:44:45 GMT
> > Awhile ago, Jon ( wrote:
> Clear Ink. Not Clear Link.

Er, sorry about that.
> > Would you, Jon, or anyone else who already uses this too
> > have time to post a short set of pointers for how to get
> > tomcat built with it, and possibly their current .kpx file
> > for the project?
> Just create a new .kpx file.
> Import the source code in tomcat/src/share.
> compile it.
> find org/apache/tomcat/startup/ right click on 
> it. set is as a
> "Main Class".
> Project->Interpreter Options:
> Custom Options:
> -Dtomcat.home=C:\path\to\tomcatCVS
> hit f4

Nifty.  That almost worked with no additional input.  I
wound up doing the following addtional step:

Set Project->Compiler Options->Compilation Output Directory to the
build/classes directory where you have already made a successful build of
tomcat using Ant, so that you get the properties files and other
configuration/descriptors necessary for tomcat to run.

One could try to parse the build.xml to figure out how to map the
appropriate copy commands into the project, I suppose.

Thanks Jon.


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