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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: proposal of a new handling of
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 13:50:25 GMT
It looks great in concept. Template files are better than hardcoded
print statements any day.

I'd need to see your template files to be sure it all works right.

Random notes:

Why do you need pre and post files? Why not just one template file?

The whole thing could be done almost trivially by including another
jakarta project, regexps.  Check out
and you can delete your readConfig and createConfig methods.  

Is there a reason to use %c/%p instead of some other escape syntax?
For instance, ant-style ${context} or JSP-style <%=context%> or...

 - Alex

On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 09:48:47PM +0200, Jochen Schmitt wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have developed a new proposal to generate the config file of
> apache by the module
> In my proposal, the file will build on base of thre source files.
> the first file contains the head of the resulting configuration
> file.
> the seconed fle is a template, whick will be used to generate the
> configuration part depending on the available contexts of the
> tomcat server.
> This file contains placeholders %c and %p wich will be replace by
> the name and the docbase of each context.
> Afte all there is a third file, which contain the button of the
> configuration file.
> You can download the module from
> You must copy it to $TOMCAT/src/share/org/apache/tomcat/tasks/
> to intigrate it on your tomcat distribution.
> Regards: Jochen Schmitt
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