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From "Robert Puffer" <>
Subject Open Enterprise Question (maybe a bit off topic)
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2000 16:19:44 GMT
Just Curious,

Have any people on this list worked together on any projects utilizing
(Tomcat, Apache, mySQL, Linux/FreeBSD and Ominorb2 or another 'open' ORB)?

We are currently using Tomcat, Apache, mySql and Linux to run our online
ordering, tracking and reporting system for parts and all seems to work well
(all services are running on one box and we haven't had performance troubles
yet (1 million row joins coming back in less than .01 seconds from mySql)).

Are there any people out there that would like to band together to create
'Open' reusable objects and code that we could publish on the web to help
facilitate an 'Open Enterprise Environment'.  Morphing into an online
development community where we could work on different 'Open System'
projects collaboratively.

Hey why pay for oracle, weblogic and the like if they aren't much better
performance or funcationality wise and I can get the same type of system for
free (with 100's of developers backing the free system).

Hope this isn't too off topic..  If there are other programmers out there
interested in working together to create 'Open objects' and 'Open systems ..
maybe could be a first project (like Wanna be a mil on
the web).... Please drop me an email.

-Bob Puffer

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