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From "James Cook" <>
Subject Re: Distributed Session Server
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:27:46 GMT
In this hot discussion between sticky sessions vs. centralized state
management, we find advantages and disadvantages on both sides.

With regards to sticky sessions, most implementations that I have seen are
hardware-based. Isn't it true that Apache (or Tomcat for that matter)
running on modest hardware and serving up an in-memory static page can
effectively saturate a T1? T3? OC3?

If so, it would be a benefit to those users that need sticky sessions to be
able to stick an Apache or Tomcat redirector in front of their web farm.
This redirector process would perform minimal request processing, bordering
on simple header parsing and TCP handoffs.

The opensource server from Lutris includes such a feature, called Enhydra
Director. I don't know if this product can be used as a sticky session
manager for Tomcat/Apache.

I'm not certain how much need there is for this type of a software solution
given the fact that people who have more than one webserver fronting their
site, typically can afford a hardware redirector. Also the hardware devices
typically do firewall/NAT/etc. in addition to sticky sessions.

just some thoughts,

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