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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re:BUG report..
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:34:38 GMT
I've had the same problem with jdk1.3. I had to revert my installation to
jdk1.2.2 so that my jdk runtimes launched by services  wouldn't be killed when I
logged off the box.

Has anyone reported this as a jdk1.3 bug?


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Subject:    BUG report..
Date:       6/15/00 6:47 PM

Bug Report..

Tomcat jk_nt_service.exe doesn't propery handle the CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT and
when installed
as an NT service, it will shutdown as soon as a user log's off the the said
nt box..  I'm not sure if this is trully a tomcat or jdk 1.3 bug but a
wrapper could be written to trap such event ( if it's possible ) - unless of
course JDK 1.3 "java.exe" does it's own CreateProcess when launching classes
with CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE flag set..

Another way would be to use JNI and initialize a VM that way, then have the
JNI wrapper CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT instead of creating a java.exe process..

Sun JDK 1.3
Tomcat 3.1

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