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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Help with NT service for Tomcat
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 20:13:32 GMT
I have not been able to get jk_nt_service.exe  to work. Has anyone been

I installed the service according to the instructions, and edited the two
variables to point to my Tomcat Home and JDK Home.

The service fails to start.

Where should I look for diagnostic messages. I am not even sure  the  VM is
I  was not able to find jvm.stderr in my tomcat home directory.

Does it matter whether I use JDK 1.2.2,  or JDK1.3 ?

I'm also confused about the wrapper command line variable syntax. Why does it
take a -config and -home option, shouldn't it be -DTomcat.home?

Also,  how  do I add additional parameters  to  the java call, such as
-DVariable=Value ?


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Subject:    RE: NT service for Tomcat
Date:       5/24/00 10:16 PM


also, after starting the service check in c:\tomcat\jvm.stdout and
c:\tomcat\jvm.stderr for messages. These two files saved me,

Kevin Jones

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> Subject: NT service for Tomcat
> My system is complaining that the NT service for Tomcat could not
> be started
> and no error was reported.  Is there a documentation on how to
> setup the NT
> service for tomcat?
> Scott Clegg
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