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From "Juan Jose Pablos" <>
Subject A little improvement in JDBCRealm.howto
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2000 06:13:56 GMT
Hi All again,

I know that this is not important, but I think that the How to JDBCRealm
could be improved with this small patch:


CREATE Authority;   and USE Authority; are the only two lines missing in
order create the example database, with this two lines you could copy and
paste in the SQL client and GO!

both lines in  REFERENCES added.
It is just the foreign Key that make sure that the user_name is been created
and the role has been define previously.
you do not have to improve this if you think that it is too complex for an
example. it is just a thought !!

I hope this helps a little bit,


Index: JDBCRealm.howto
RCS file:
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -r1.1 JDBCRealm.howto
> CREATE DATABASE authority;
> USE authority;
<   user_name varchar(15) not null,
<   role_name varchar(15) not null,
>   user_name varchar(15) not null REFERENCES users.user_name,
>   role_name varchar(15) not null REFERENCES roles.role_name,

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