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From Vasile GABURICI <>
Subject [Off-topic] AB bug may affect Tomcat testing
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 08:40:05 GMT


	I know that some of you use ApacheBench to test Tomcat + web
server combinations. I'm posting this to draw the attention on the fact
that ab 1.3c has some flaws. It reports bogus failed connections,
presumably because the length of the response was not right.

	In fact ab 1.3c isn't right, it initiates connections and doesn't
send any requests on them. It also initiates connections but doesn't wait
for the response, causing an EPIPE on the server.

	If you test one the jk_* workers like the JNI or AJP12, it will
sometime complain that it could not write to the web server. The web
server in turn cannot write to ab, because the connection was closed

	I cured these problems by patching ab. I've sent the patch to the
apache people. Just in case you don't want to wait until the next apache
comes out, I've attached to this mail a patch against the ab from apache


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