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From Vasile GABURICI <>
Subject Re: Java2 support in the JNI worker
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 21:27:13 GMT

	Hmm, it looks like whatever software runs this list drops binary
attachments. If any of the commiters wants this, email me. I've already
sent this to Costin, but he might not have time...

On Sat, 27 May 2000, Vasile GABURICI wrote:

> 	Hi,
> 	I've added a Java 2 open_jvm function to jk_jni_worker. I've seen
> that Costin wanted this in, so I decided to give a hand.
> 	The new function cannot be compiled if Java 2 headers are not
> present. So, if that's the case a warning is issued and the JDK 1.1
> function is compiled in.
> 	The new Java 2 function will check at runtime if a 1.1 or Java 2
> VM is being opened. In the first case, it will revert to the 1.1 function.
> In the second case, it will support the new worker property "java2opts",
> which may be used to pass new style options like -X... or -verbose to the
> JVM.
> 	Because the new style options may contain comma (like in
> -verbose:gc,jni), I had to change the separator used internally in jk_map
> and jk_util from comma to '*'.
> 	I also added a "java2lax" property which tells the Java 2 VM
> whether to ignore or not unknown options.
> 	I think there was a problem with jk_util.c, because a new function
> had to be added to it for a any new property that was added to a worker.
> This was a nuisance for 6 types of workers. So, instead of hacking my
> functions to get the new properties parsed, I added two functions that
> receive the property name from the caller. I didn't have the time or
> patience to change the workers to use the new functions, though.
> 	I've also changed the parameter checking code in all JNI functions
> to use the new assert-style that Costin had started, (but didn't have
> time to finish apparently).
> 	If any of the commiters finds this useful, please check it in.
> 	Cheers,
> 	Vasile

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