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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject connection pools...Re: need help !!
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 02:49:08 GMT
on 5/26/2000 7:39 PM, Rajarshi Gangopadhyay at wrote:

> You may try Java Exchange connection pooling (
> I tried it. Its good and free.
> - Rajarshi

before making suggestions you should look at the details...

javaexchange it isn't entirely doesn't have source code and the
part the guy wanted (a global way to get at the Connection) is under the

it also isn't singleton based and doesn't work as cleanly with multiple
database vendors as Turbine's. you also don't have to use all of Turbine to
get just the pool...there is documentation for using it in the Getting
Started documentation on the website...

again, the site is...



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