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From damian fauth <>
Subject RealmConnector
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 14:44:10 GMT

I am interested in using Tomcat in a project we are currently
prototyping, but I need to link the security domain with a database
associated with the application - in other words I would like to
implement an application-specific version of the interface. 
A comment in the RealmConnector code says (in part):

 * Generalized interface for a connector between a web application's
 * Context object and the security domain (realm) used to authenticate
 * users and identify their associated roles for access control
 * <p>
 * A specific implementation of this interface will be selected when
 * the Context is configured (usually by passing the name of the desired
 * implementation class as a configuration parameter).

Has this 'configuration parameter' been implemented? (My guess would be
that it is an element of <ContextManager> in server.xml?). Are the hooks
in place for me to do this in a fashion that would survive upgrades to
tomcat in the future? 



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