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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Proposal: RequestImpl
Date Mon, 01 May 2000 21:17:15 GMT
>  > - I know this is a very important issue - and we need to find a good
>  > solution, but it's important to do it in a clean way. I can understand
>  > what happens if I look at the code, but it's not easy ( I'm talking
>  > about tomcat code, not your code ). If we can factor out the
>  > encoding/decoding probably everything will be much simpler.
> What's about the solution everybody agreed in servlet-interest? We should
> not guess the charset at all, leaving it to the servlet developer or custom
> software to determine the encoding. We can never actually tell it with 100%
> accuracy. But there should be a .setCharacterEncoding() method in place for
> the ServletRequest, and the parsers should take care of the encoding set
> with this method. Speaking of the implementation, I'm agree with you, the
> stream approach is not the most efficient solution, but it could be easily
> done using the single byte[] buffer.

We need to implement getReader() anyway - can't get around that.
We also need to at least respect the encoding if it is specified as part of
POST method - getParameters() must use the right encoding if specified.

Unfortunately there is not .setChareacterEncoding method in SerlvetRequest,
or getReader( encoding ) - so there is little we can do about that.
Even if next Servlet API will have those methods, we still need an efficient
way to implement encoding/decoding ( for example it is recomended to use
Reader/Writer - that means at least UTF to ASCII conversion ).

If we find a good way to "guess" ( even if it's complex - as long as we can
keep it modular ) - I see no reason not to implement it. HTTP is supposed
to be international, and in time ( I hope ) the browsers will have fewer
bugs ( and use UTF ? ), eliminating the complex encoding code.

I find this a very difficult problem, and I spent some time on this - asking
servlet/JSP developers to deal with charsets  will not be easy.

About servlet-interest discussion - do you know when did it happened ?


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