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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Linux RPM package volunteer
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 16:07:48 GMT

I do tomcat RPM since 3.0.

Take a look at :


PS: Murray I send you a mail about this and others RPMs at but got :

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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Williams, Murray Todd []
>Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 5:00 PM
>To: ''
>Subject: Linux RPM package volunteer
>I don't see any sign of Tomcat RPMs for Linux, so unless 
>someone points some
>out, I'm willing to volunteer to make some.  Currently I've 
>built RPMS for
>the XML Apache tools (Xerces-J, Xalan-J, FOP, Cocoon) that 
>layer on top of
>the "official" ApacheJServ RPMs.  I'm thinking of first constructing a
>Tomcat RPM and then modifying my other RPMs so that they will 
>configure themselves for either JServ or Tomcat depending on 
>which system
>(RPM package) is installed.
>I suspect this might do a world of good to address all the 
>newbie e-mails
>from people who are just trying to get their first crack at a 
>"Hello World"
>working. (At least on Linux.)
>My only problem is this: I haven't done much with Tomcat (got 
>it installed
>once off of /usr/local) and I have very little idea what an 
>"ideal generic
>configuration" would look like.  I can see that Tomcat is very "root
>directory" oriented (as opposed to easily allowing a user to 
>put a config
>file anywhere (/etc/httpd/conf/jserv for example), class files 
>etc.  Thus I'm guessing either everything needs to be put 
>under /opt/tomcat
>or /home/httpd/tomcat or something like that.
>PLEASE, I'd like to invite any opinions or recommendations so 
>I can do this
>right the first time.  I don't need any newbie-style 
>handholding, just some
>good basic configuration recommendations.
>(And by all means, if someone else has already done an RPM, 
>let me know.)
>Murray Todd Williams
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