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From "Milo Hyson" <>
Subject Re: Serious redirect bug
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 03:16:32 GMT
Basically my problem is this. Normally I code by hand, but my job is getting
to the point where I need to use a RAD tool. Dreamweaver Ultradev is my
product of choice, and based on my reading of the specs it's generating JSP
code properly.

An Ultradev-generated insert page is structured as follows:

    1. Check to see if a special parameter is defined.
    2. If so, send the form data to the database and redirect the client.
    3. Show the input form.
    4. Define the special parameter.

Ultradev does not put a return after the redirect in step 2. According to
the servlet spec, this shouldn't be a problem. However Tomcat doesn't
terminate the client response after the redirect. Because there's no else in
step 3, the servlet continues right on into the form code which ends up
getting sent back to the client along with the redirected page and HTTP
response headers. It's not a pretty sight.

- Milo Hyson
CyberLife Labs

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