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From "Warner Onstine" <>
Subject Re: Introduction and Possible Tasks
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 02:44:09 GMT

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From: "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 5:25 PM
Subject: Re: Introduction and Possible Tasks

> Warner Onstine wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I am new to Tomcat although I have been using Jserv for about a year.  I
> > recently was hired by Exoffice to work on Tomcat (specifically Catalina)
> > just wanted to give you guys a quick introduction and find out if there
> > anything in particular that needed immediate attention, or if someone
> > some help on a particular piece.  I have worked on a few Open-source
> > projects but never in quite this capacity, so not sure if this is the
> > way to address things here.
> >
> Hello Warner, and welcome!
> >
> > Remy, a co-worker and fellow Tomcat developer, mentioned a couple of
> > that were missing or incomplete in Catalina:
> > Sessions *
> > Security (form-based authentication) *
> > Security (SSL/TLS based authentication)
> > Secuirty (HTTP DIGEST authentication)
> > Log file implementations
> > Server Management support *
> > Server Side Includes
> > CGI emulation
> >
> > I know there are more, but these are the ones I am most interested in
> > the ones with asterisks I could probably start on right away with my
> > knowledge base.  If there are ones not listed here that you (collective
> > ;-) feel needs to be addressed first please let me know, or if someone
> > already volunteered for some of these pieces I would love to hear about
> > you are working on.
> >
> The current list of major projects outstanding on Catalina is in the
> jakarta-tomcat repository, in a file named
> Some of the items have names beside them already -- there is no problem
> more than one person working in a particular area, as long as
collaboration can
> occur (over the TOMCAT-DEV mailing list).  I will be happy to add your
name to
> any of the items listed (or add any new items that we think ought to be
> Let me know which specific ones you are interested in.

Well looks like I have gotten my first assignment, which is to analyze and
estimate the amount of time it will take to add SSL to Tomcat 3.1 (and I
will most likely add this to Catalina as well).  From what I can tell so far
it should just be a matter of adding a new port listener that responds as an
SSL connection.

Then use a package such as PureTLS to handle the encryption.  Anything major
that I am missing?

In addition to this I would like to work on Sessions and Server Management
support in my *free* time.  Let me know if this will work for you all.  I
will probably start on the SSL stuff this week some time and will
*hopefully* have some stuff for you guys to commit by next week some time if
everything goes well.

> >
> > -warner
> >
> Craig McClanahan
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