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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject JSP nested include issue
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 19:41:37 GMT

A while back, I tested Tomcat 3.1 with a demo web site being developed here at SAS.  It had
a problem using nested jsp:includes, i.e.

	a.jsp  jsp:includes  inc/b.jsp  which jsp:includes  c.jsp

Tomcat 3.1 looked for c.jsp relative to a.jsp instead of b.jsp.  As a result I logged bug
#108.  This has been fixed so Tomcat 3.1 currently will look for c.jsp relative to b.jsp.

For reasons I can't explain,  I didn't investigate the behavior of <%@ include... %>
as well.  Today, I tried the demo site again and found that it was converted to use "<%@
include...%>" from jsp:include.  I found that for <%@ include... %> Tomcat looks
for c.jsp relative to a.jsp.

The following is found in the comments for bug #108:

Relevant supporting comments, from the jsp-tfaq mailing list, dated Jan 12, 2000:
Subject: [Fwd: relative directories and nested includes]
I think that Alex and Sam are correct and that include directives should be relative to the
page where they are located.  
Anybody objects? If nobody objects, I'll be sure this is clarified somewhere (besides Tomcat
thanks, - eduard/o 

Today I noticed that Eduardo refers to the "include directive" and not the "include action"
to which the bug refers.  These comments were used as the justification for fixing the "include
action".  Is this correct?  If so, this would seem to imply that the current <%@ include...
%> behavior in Tomcat 3.1 isn't to spec for nested includes.

Thanks.  Sorry for the earlier unfinished post.


Larry Isaacs
SAS Institute Inc.

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