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From Andrew Sy <>
Subject JSP: turning off incremental file generation
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 20:58:10 GMT
Given a MyJSP.jsp file, Tomcat compiles it into a 
a where n runs from 0 to 9. 
Everytime MyJSP.jsp file is changed, Tomcat 
increments/cycles through n. 

My question is: Can I turn this feature off? 
That is, I would like Tomcat to generate a 
file without incrementing the suffix n. 

I've tried a couple of things to no avail, such as 

- deleting to 
to try to force Tomcat to always only generate 

- in web.xml setting the "keepgenerated" JspServlet 
init-param to "false". 

The reason I would like to turn off this incremental 
suffix feature is this: I am trying to debug my JSP 
pages by hooking up the java classes (and the corresponding source files) to my debugger 
(Visual Cafe). But because up to 10 java classes 
are generated per jsp file, I have had to hook-up 
10 java classes into my Visual Cafe projects for 
each JSP file (and set breakpoints in each of the 
10 java source files).  A big hassle if you have 
more than 3 JSP files. 
Does anyone know any (Tomcat or VCafe) work around? 

ps. I just joined the User List today, and I hope I'm 
posting my question to the right place. Else, my apologies. 


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