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Subject Re: possible Tomcat 3.1 issues
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 12:03:43 GMT

- Sam Ruby

Anil Vijendran <> on 04/06/2000 03:26:56

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Subject:  Re: possible Tomcat 3.1 issues

Jason Hunter wrote:

> Basically, we have this weird XML output going all over the place
> without any general consistency.  Last I recall, we were debating
> whether to add it or not and we decided stdout should be human
> readable.  Now it's this odd XML showing up everywhere.  When did I
> miss my chance to -1 that?

I agree with you that logging output is generally haphazard and should be
made uniform. Why don't you file a bug report Jason?

The idea is that there should be a logger per significant subsystem and
each subsystem can generate a message that can be XML wrapped OR can
inidicate to the logger that it will format its own messages and the
logger shouldn't wrap them in <XML>...</XML>.


The reasoning behind XML-logs is that XML is cool :-) I believe
perl/sed/awk based log processing is more than enough but these days we
want to have all kinds of transformations declaratively specified that
postprocess these XML logs to all kinds of cool things -- for example an
MS Word document which will then be at its peak of human readability :-)

Now w.r.t your missing a chance to -1 things... you should either follow
cvs messages or build Tomcat more often, Jason :-)


Peace, Anil +<:-)

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