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Subject Re: Building issues and Ant
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 19:04:31 GMT

Costin wrote:
>That's exactly what I said - you need the current ant to build the current
>tomcat.  And you need the current ant to build the current ant.

Not exactly.

>I just want a stable version of the build tool - let's say today ant, or
>other version of ant you like.
>> I am also pretty sure that the current Tomcat will will build with the
>> released CVS.

I just verified that on RedHat Linux 6.1 with the Sun JDK 1.2.2:

   The latest CVS version of Ant can bootstrap itself and build tools,
   tomcat, and watchdog.

   The last posted binaries for Ant (3.1 beta, dated March 8th), can build
   the latest (from CVS) versions of tools, tomcat, and watchdog.

>> What combination are you trying?  Not knowing how the nightly builds are
>> produced makes it hard to anticipate what changes are OK and what
>> are not.
>The nightly build is not rebuilding ant - it just use a "stable" version.

Let me ask again: what version of Ant are you using?  Is it prior to the
last beta?  I don't believe that it is reasonable to assume that you can
pick one version of Ant and use it literally forever, but I will be glad to
work with you on a reasonable schedule for incorporating changes.

- Sam Ruby

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