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From "Arion" <>
Subject Re: Servlet reloading problem
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 02:29:19 GMT

Just my wild guess:
You student is using another class to manipulate the file and Tomcat can only
reload the updated servlet class but not the classes used by the servlet.


Roy Truelove wrote:

> I teach a class where I've got 50 students that have to write guestbooks
> with servlets, with a context for each student.. the perfect environment for
> testing servlet reloading.  For the most part reloading has worked
> wonderfully except in one case.. the students use file I/O to store the
> guestbook.  If they use one file, it works fine, but if they change the name
> of the file, reupload it, the servlet without fail will be reading / writing
> the *old* file.  Once I restart the server, this is no longer a problem.
> Now since they are students, they might not be closing the file, which could
> have something to do with problem.  Once I get their source code I could
> tell you for sure.
> If this is already in the bug database, I apologize, but I've still to
> figure out how to Bugzilla. :)
> Just something to chew on,
> Roy
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