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From Jun Inamori <>
Subject Re: Tomcat & Apache Missing Session Information
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:44:13 GMT
Hi Adam,

> I've currently got Apache 1.3.11, JServ 1.1, and Tomcat 3.0
> talking to each other and Apache is doing the JSPs okay except that the
> session information being lost between the Tomcat/Apache session
> somewhere.
In my case, JSP is handled by Tomcat though JServ module, even in case
that the request to Apache is SSL based. My configuration is:
1. Apache
	Apache 		Version1.3.12(DSO enabled)
	mod_ssl 	Version2.6.2
	OpenSSL 	Version0.9.5
	mod_jserv	compiled from source supplied with Tomcat3.1

2. mod_jserv
Compiled form the source which is supplied with Tomcat3.1, by APXS of
This version of JServ module works well with Tomcat3.1, so I start
Tomcat from JServ module when Apache boots up. (In jserv.conf or
tomcat.conf, 'ApJServManual' directive is set to 'off'.) The protocol
between mod_jserv and Tomcat is 'ajpv12'.

3. Browser
Configured to accept cookies.

I can't guess what's wrong with your Apache, but comparing your
configuration to above one will help you.

Happy Java programming!

Jun Inamori

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