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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: JSP: turning off incremental file generation
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 21:04:45 GMT
I don't know how exactly you are using Cafe with Tomcat but a thought
would be to use the command line compiler, jspc to generate the Java
file and load it up in Cafe as a servlet?

Andrew Sy wrote:

> Given a MyJSP.jsp file, Tomcat compiles it into a
> a where n runs from 0 to 9.
> Everytime MyJSP.jsp file is changed, Tomcat
> increments/cycles through n.
> My question is: Can I turn this feature off?
> That is, I would like Tomcat to generate a
> file without incrementing the suffix n.
> I've tried a couple of things to no avail, such as
> - deleting to
> to try to force Tomcat to always only generate
> - in web.xml setting the "keepgenerated" JspServlet
> init-param to "false".
> The reason I would like to turn off this incremental
> suffix feature is this: I am trying to debug my JSP
> pages by hooking up the java classes (and the corresponding
> source files) to my debugger
> (Visual Cafe). But because up to 10 java classes
> are generated per jsp file, I have had to hook-up
> 10 java classes into my Visual Cafe projects for
> each JSP file (and set breakpoints in each of the
> 10 java source files).  A big hassle if you have
> more than 3 JSP files.
> Does anyone know any (Tomcat or VCafe) work around?
> ps. I just joined the User List today, and I hope I'm
> posting my question to the right place. Else, my apologies.
> thnx.
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Peace, Anil +<:-)

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