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From Bob Jamison <>
Subject Re: Platforms for Java 2...
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 14:48:03 GMT

Ben Laurie wrote:

> Sun tell me there's "no demand" for Java 2 on FreeBSD. I suspect that
> this is simply coz people don't think its worth asking, but some
> facts'n'figures would help...
> So, in an ideal world, what plaform would you like to run Tomcat, Cocoon
> and all the other good Java server stuff on? Don't tell me what you
> _are_ using (coz obviously that will only include platforms that are
> already supported), tell me what you'd be happiest using.
> I'll count the results and publish them.
> Cheers,
> Ben.

By the way, 3.1 is working great!  Nice job, guys.

Being a cooperative effort, maybe it would be best if the users
of these other systems contributed their specific knowledge (and code)
to the common good.

If it were not working on Irix, (but it is, with SGI's 1.2.2), I would
try make the changes myself and submit the results to the committers here.
The BSD guys and AIX guys, etc, might consider doing the same.

Two of our main servers are BSD, and the admin wants Tomcat added
to the Apache server, so he might be in the mood to contribute, too.

I have always wondered at the "I want a VM port to xxxxxxx" flames;
my slant on the topic is:  you're a programmer, -you- do it.

But not me, I'm a busy man, time is money, blah blah....  (kidding)!    ;-)


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