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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: authorization providers (was More on JAAS)
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 06:38:15 GMT
> > > I'm all for discussion. After all this is rather groundbreaking stuff.
> > > While 'tis true that all of the popular Web servers use a filter model
> > > similar to our interceptor model, they also all use C to write their
> > > servers. (IIS may use C++, but if it follows MS tradition that is just
> > > C++ wrappers around straight C code like the Windows API).
> >
> > You can modules in Perl too. And soon - I hope - you'll be able to
> > write modules in Java !
> I know about Perl (that's the day job ;) and Apache. There's also a
> simplistic Perl api for Netscape and I think you can do something
> in IIS, but the point is that even with Perl, the underlying
> architecture is still primarily derived because the server itself is in C.

I'm curious - where do you think is the impact of C in this architecture?
My impresion is that what matter most is the alghoritm - not the
language you use to express it.

> > I'm interested to hear how much processing is part of the critical path,
> > how and what alghoritms and data structures can we use to implement
> > the parsing and searching, and how can we reuse existing code.
> >
> I agree. I think that we're concentrating so much on particular
> issues we're missing the bigger picture (e.g. missing the forest for
> the trees).

We're missing both the forest and the trees, and a lot of time :-)

> > If we discuss about authentication - I'm interested how can we address
> > existing systems ( like apache + any auth module). In a controled
> > environment everything works fine and looks flexible.
> >
> I think we handle communication with the Web server via the
> protocol.

Well - look at the trees too : a round-trip to the web server is _very_
expensive. Sure - with 3 users it will not show up, but what will happen
with 100 ?


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