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From Arkin <>
Subject Re: more stuff on JAAS
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:31:28 GMT
Mark Brouwer wrote:
> Arkin wrote:
> >
> > > Are you talking about Mozilla's JNDI driver or the raw SDK. I'd
> > > prefer the raw SDK if possible.
> >
> > The raw SDK. I actually use their JNDI SP when I have to support LDAP
> > for JNDI, but when I work directly with LDAP, I would rather use one
> > well tested layer (the Mozilla SDK), then three layers (JNDI -> Mozilla
> > SP -> Mozilla SDK).
> >
> Hi Arkin,
> I apologize to all for getting off topic, but I got curious why somebody
> takes the road JNDI -> Mozilla SP -> Mozilla SDK as the default Sun JNDI
> LDAP SP does the job for me during my ordinary life. But when I went to
> it got clear to me. Very excited to see people
> are working on Intalio, an open source application server reusing other
> open source projects. I have a few questions as the info on the site is
> minimal (ask it here, for I think more people in this group are working
> with J2EE).


> 1) will it conform to J2EE (or part of it), in the same way as that the
> Tomcat states they want to be the reference implementation;

Tomcat is actually the reference implementation :-) And yes we plan to
conform to J2EE for other APIs.

> 2) will the core be platform indepent (I don't know all components, but
> I thought the is some native stuff in there);

100% pure Java.

> 3) wat will the redistibution policy be

BSD, ASF and MPL. All the platform code we develop goes under the BSD,
for all the projects we participate in we use the project's own license,
which is by the large ASF and MPL.

> I'm really fed up with WebLogic just for most of the EJB stuff, pay a
> lot for licenses and all the time we have to redesign our stuff as it
> doesn't conform to specs or doesn't work at all (transactions, locking,
> isolation levels, performance, etc,). Paying for licenses is not the
> biggest problem in our case, but time spend by our developers *is*
> these days they don't come cheap :-)



> P.S. if somebody objects to posting this here lett me know I will take
> it
> off thread
> --
> Mark Brouwer
> Virgil B.V.
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